Texas 2005 Supercross Round 12 Video

thanks Zenith !


happy days!

:naughty::naughty: you da man

cheers dude living in the UK we have to wait 2 weeks to see the races, hear i have to wait 2 days thanx man

As usual :naughty:

Thanks. Seeding good now.

Thank you Sir, seeding started :naughty:

thx dude :naughty:

Thanks dude

THanks alot man!

Hmm.. But i have to ask> Wasn´t the last round in Dallas? Or have i missed anything?

Have a nice day!





Thanks from another SPEED-less sucka.

yz_anders - Dallas is in Texas :naughty:

yz_anders - Dallas is in Texas :D

Like Stockholm in Sweden


thanx alot for vid, are gay crtc wont allow us canadians to see this awesome racing!

Haha..=) Thanks then..:naughty: I don´t really know alot about the states in USA..:naughty:

Have a nice day!

How long after I have downloaded the race should I leave my Bittorrent running so others can get it easily?

And thanks again Z :naughty:

Cheers Zenith. :naughty:

To be fair you should leave it open until you've uploaded at least the same amount you downloaded, ie. 350mb or so. If you're not using your Internet connection for much though I'm sure everybody would appreciate you leaving it open longer. There are a LOT of people closing their browsers straight away which is very unfair. 200 downloaders in 8 hours and only 50 seeders, come on guys!! You can watch and copy the file once it says completed so there's NO reason to close BitTornado straight


Just watched it now, some great racing!!

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