TT-R250 too much for total newb?

Hey guys, I've been lurking for a while, reading about these bikes in hopes of learning more and helping me decide what bike to go with. I am a brand new rider... been on a bike maybe twice in my 24 years. I'm 6' 165lbs. Riding would be trails and woods roads; little to no jumping, and I like the idea of dualsport rides once I get my bearings (again, down the road). My question is would a TT-R250 be too much to learn on? I'm not much on doing things half-A$$, so I fear if I got a 125 to play with I'd be bored in a month or two. I know I would be big for it already, plus once I got comfortable I know I'd be wanting something bigger. I'm thinking of just going brand new as I don't know much about these bikes yet and fear getting stuck with someone else's problem buying used; plus would just like to have trouble free riding. So if I'm gonna invest in a brand new bike I'd like to be able to keep it for at least a couple of years and have it still be fun/challenging. I guess another option is the 230, but from what I read many consider it worth it to spend the extra $1k and get the 250. (Plus if dualsporting is an interest the 250 be easier to convert with it already having some lights?)

My ultimate goal is just to have some fun and learn to ride so I can eventually get a street bike. I figure getting an offroad bike is an inexpensive way to get some great experience that I can use out on the road someday with all the idiot drivers. I'll probably like it so much that I'll have to have one of each!! Opinions?

Get a used 250 that way if you dont like it you wont lose as much money.

If you are that worried about buying someone elses problems then a new 250 might

be the way to go. That way you get a warranty at least to fall back on. Good

point that sleeman makes. Alot of times you can pick up a good used bike that has

alot of aftermarket stuff. That is ok as long as the previous owner knew what they

were doing. The 250 is the way to go at any rate as it has better suspension and

better power than the other bikes you mention. If you go with a used bike just be very

careful to ask the right questions about it's history.

I don't think it is too much for a newb..


I was in your shoes about 3 months ago. For your size a ttr 250 would be a good choice. I had considered some other bikes like the xr 250, xr 400 and klx 300, but ended up with a new 2005 ttr 250 as I couldn't find a good deal on any nice used bike locally. The TTR is not a race bike but is great for trails and has a wide powerband. Don't listen to anyone (who is trying to be macho) tell you that you need to start on something like a wr450...that's just not sensible to have that kind of power for a newbie.

It is nice to have the electric start of the ttr too when you are learning as it's less embarassing when you accidentally kill it. I found that I was wanting more power after about my 4th long ride with my friends on bigger / faster bikes (but they are kinda crazy beyond what I would do riding alone) This is a good reason not to get anything smaller (like the 125 or 230). Maybe I'm just too power hungry as I have spent many thousands and thousands of dollars over the years building up my cars etc. to make them faster.

Mike in Oregon

Get a new TT-R 250, I did. Nothing sucks more than buying somebody's problem. I bought mine new and have done all of the maintenence and repairs and it most important thing is I KNOW THE BIKE'S COMPLETE HISTORY. Mine had some bugs from when it was new but they are all sorted now and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I highly suggest the airbox, re-jet, and pipe trio because they turn this bike's power from merely adaquate to plenty. Set the suspension up to your weight and uncork it and you will have alot of fun on it. I would consider the TT-R 250 a bike you could grow with. The aftermarket has cams and big bore kits for it as well as the usual pipes and stuff!!

ttr250 shouldnt be to much for you. if are daring enough (and have enough money) i would recomment the WR250F

You are way to big for serious riding on the TTR 125. A 250 or so from any mfg would be good. Used bikes sometimes seem as expensive as new bikes, unless you go back to the bikes from the 80's. Honda CR's ruled. Warning though Honda made a CR500 that was a beast, it actually was to fast. But their usually cheap.

I bought a new TTR-250 in 2003. I have had zero problems with it. Had 2 colorado trips and I strickly ride THICK woods trails. Knarly hills are my favorite. The Low end just keeps Kachugin away. (You need to put bakr busters on though) My 220lb self maxed out the front suspencion , SO, I had a pro redo the from and rear. Now it awesome. 2 years later my bike is still perfrectly operational. I have never had a starting issue or dead battery, none of that carp. ROck sold. WHich is more than I can say about ALL the other buddies I ride with.

I put a 12 tooth on it and it really woke the bike up. It allows to spin up a little eazier. The front end cones up eazier too. very confortable bike. I'm 6'1" 215lbs. Now

I just want a little more power, But really. It's all you need to have a great time.

New or used. If they have not been abused. It's good to go!

Good Luck!! Kip

Used TTR250 = excellent first bike!

Yeah i would say a ttr250 or even i think somebody else said you might even want to get a wr250!

The TTR250 isn't a bad ride but you will out grow it real fast. EVERYONE I know thats had one was looking to dump it after the first 6 months if not sooner. They just wont keep up. :naughty:

The TTR would be a perfect fit for a beginner bike. Then if you ever wanted more power, one of the magazines (I think it was Dirt Bike) a year ago did a hop up on the 250 making it a 340. It was night and day difference across the power band. Steny

I was in your exact situation....I bought a used 99 TTR-250, that had two prev owners. Both kept it in great running condition. I hadn't riden since I was 16 and I only wanted to ride trails with my wife. I'm 6'3" 200lbs and I loved that 250 and in fact I'm selling it now.I never had a problem with it, and there was almost nothing on the trail it couldn't handle. I rode it for about a year and then bought my YZF 426. It was the perfect diving board for me, and the e-start has saved my a$$ in many situations. Even when I'm out now on my 426, I still miss it now and then. If you weren't on the other side of the nation, I would sell ya mine cheap!!! Check out the trail review on the web. Do a search on 1999 Yamaha TT-R250 by Mark Uth in Trail Rider Magazine and you'll get a good review on the bike in general.

Good luck and have fun!!!! :applause:

I have a ttr 250 that I use to go camping and trail riding with my kids. It is a great beginner bike and perfect to go riding with your family even if you are an intermediate rider. I bought mine new, but I can't imagine that a used one is a big risk. You're too big for the 230s from Honda and Yamaha. Electric start is great. Virtually no issues keeping it running, just change the oil, keep it charged and gassed up. Definitely not a moto cross bike, but it doesn't need the upkeep. There are a few cheap mods some of the other posters have discussed in earlier threads if you need to upgrade in a bit. It is a simple air cooled single four stroke single, based on an old proven design. The bike just doesn't break. It is a bit heavy, compared to some of the newer designs, but it is stable and solid on the trail. At your size, you won't have any problem with it. I can't imagine a better first bike. Honda also makes a good product but their basic 250 trail bike has no e-start and is about a grand more new. Converting it to dual sport would be interesting, but I think there are better specific products if that is in your plan. Happy riding.

I learned...excuse still learning on a TTR-250. I love it. Like most people are saying it does really well on the trails and I have even jumped it a little on my friends track behind his house. It's not a race bike but it is very forgiving for new/inexperienced riders. Great balance between handling and power and the seat is 10X more comfortable than a WR250. That helps for those of us who are not seasoned vets and don't have out rear-ends built up if you know what I mean. Good luck and always have fun.

Well................. I been riding since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Had every kind of bike you can think of, xr's, cr's, kx's, tt's, Bought and sold so many I can't even remember them all. I'm 39 now and I ride an '05 tt-r 230.

Days on the track are over for me. Kickstarters are also out the window. So no matter what you get your gonna love it! :D If you grow out it, sell it and get something else. A tt-r250 is a nice bike. It won't be too much (power) for you but you might think it is kinda heavy. Good Luck :D

Yz 125 or yz250f

Yz 125 or yz250f

After a year of getting experience on a TTR 250 :D:D:D

After a year of getting experience on a TTR 250 :D:D:eek:

That is a good idea :D

In my humble opinion,go for a second hand TT-R250 these bikes are pretty well bullet proof if they have been serviced properly, even if neglected they still seem to hold up well. A small tip, ask the owner to rip the air filter out and look at it's condition (clean or dirty) if he can't do this without the min of fuss it will give you an idea of how regular he works on his bike and how much maintance the bike may have missed out on.

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