Odometer replacement

Hi TT'ers,

I am looking at replacing the front odomoter etc and remove a lot of weight from my front end.

I have been looking at the TrailTech Trip Computer and have found them for sale in th US HERE . I am in Australia and I will ship one over from the US, any recommendations on where to buy online ? They are $199Au here.

I have seen that there is a specific model for the X, has anyone installed this one and does it perform well.

Thanks in advance. I luv my X.


I am fine with the odometer, but I broke mine in a crash. Anyone lookin to sell theirs? If you are lookin for a trail tech, I think someone said they sell them on rockymountainmc.com. Good site, has lots of stuff for your bike. :naughty:

Trail Tech is an awesome unit, been running their kit for years.

I think the TT store can get it for you, check with them, if not www.rockymountainatv.com does.




Thanks for the replies, checking out all options.


One is on ebay right now trip meter

Good luck

Hey Puttikan when you get all that crap off the front Ill have to get ya to show me what you did with all the wiring i want to ditch mine as well

x-men, no probs, I will have a web link sometime soon as well on the Project X Factor.

For those that did not know, I searched and could not find it at the TT Shop, but it is there and here is the link at TT Click here

A question for the US guys, is that all you get on the X a little odometer ? we get a humungous speedo/odo with a new light and plate and all of the old stuff in a spares kit, heres a sticky beak if u want Aussie X

I replaced the stock odometer on a 250X with a TrailTech and I love it. Great for keeping track of when to change oil and maintenance too. Top speed on a trail so far - 66.3

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