Holy Cow! My airbox is missing!!!

I just opened up my son's 2001 TTR90 to get an idea of where the snorkel is and what I'm gonna have to do to do the airbox mod. I followed the balck tube from the carb to under the tank. There is no airbox....the black hose just ends right under the frame bar(under the tank)!BTW: it looks stock and isn't 'cut off' or anything. Is this normal? I live in NY...do we get a different setup up here that doesn't require an airbox??

I take it you are saying there is no air filter at all?? If so this isn't good; that means the engine is sucking dirt!

Looks like you better get one.check out www.xtremepowersports.com they have pictures of the air box and you can order through them

No...there is an airbox just above the cylinder head with a filter(cleaned and lightly oiled by me). I just expected an airbox under the seat with a snorkel in it. According to the PDF by yamahadude..he removed the snorkel from his. Did the snorkel come out for the ttr90 after 2001 or isn't there one in the first place?

Did u buy the bike brand new. It seems that maybe someone already modded your bike to give it really high air flow.

I bought it used from my friend's brother-in-law....he used to be a Yamaha Rep.(he never mentioned modding anything) I found my owners manual and i didn't see an airbox(under the seat anyway) listed in it so i guess my bike is fine. I am curious though, why/how yamahadude had a snorkel on his ttr90.

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