Sx Drama~!!!

This has to be the best season in a long truckin' time! :D

The best battles weren't RC vs. **** :naughty::naughty: (im just kidding)


Perhaps SX will now be a mix between a circus, WWF and Jerry Springer.

Gues he should of gone back to his hotel room instead of following Grant back to his place. What did he expect, he was gonna get lucky???????? :naughty:

so he tells me to get the “F” out of here and he tries to kick me away and he kicked me in my shoulder, so I just laid into him. I just hit him once, and then he starts crying, telling me that he’s going to beat me up and call the cops.

So the guy is sitting in a lifted truck high enough to kick him in the sholder, and after one punch back he starts crying? LOL

Hansen must have some long arms if Josh was sitting in a lifted truck and he managed to land a punch....unless he punched him in the shin :naughty:

You don't really know much from that interview. You really need to get Josh Grant's side of the story as well.

There are always 2 sides to the story....and the truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

Grant's side of the story is on TWMX, Hansen's seems more plausable. I loved the part with Grant trying to hook up with Hansens 14 year old sister, lmao!

thats too funny

they should put both of them out there for round 1..full out fight before the race...then race....then round 2 afterwards......:naughty:

how about grant langston? sent back to the 125's because he couldnt handle a little contact without tears in the 250's?

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