First Imp: HF tire changer

finally tried out my Harbor Freight Tire changer.

Not real impressed. Did the front first, had a few difficulties and learned a few things:

-the top arm of the changer is useless, so I removed it

-use straight dish soap as a lube rather than a mix of water and soap

-bolt the stand directly to floor to get more leverage

rear tire

-Studded tire was extremely tough to remove due to the inner street tire liner stiffening the tire.

-put the new tire under the hood of a running truck for twenty minutes to warm/soften/make more pliable.

-use a c-clamp to keep the unworked side from sliding back off/on.

No pinched tubes on either one.

Not real impressed with the changer.

The stand worked well for holding the tire at a workable height in place. The holders were fairly difficult to get between the rim and tire for tire removal and were also difficult to remove after remounting a tire.

The long tire iron tool that came with it was the best part of the package.

I think my money would have been better spent on one of the other stands that have been discussed on this site.

I found I could change tires faster with irons. I mounted mine on a big plate and that helped alot and getting the clamp off the rim after the change was the hard part. I was actually getting it figured out and then I broke the end off the long bar and haven't used it since. :naughty:

I noticed the end of that long bar looked like it was slightly bent too. probably close to breaking

Too bad you can't just buy the bar from them :naughty:

15 gallon drum :naughty:

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