What new clutch

It is time for a new clutch. What does everyone recommend. I ride mostly tracks. 04 CRF250R.


I just replaced my basket with a Hinson. The OEM basket was toast. Everything else I went OEM except springs. I went with EBC springs. So far, it's working great.

If you need a basket, Hinson is good, as is Wiseco and PE....

Since you have an "R" model, a hot trick is to run the stock steel plates and fibers...but get one EXTRA steel plate and run it in the middle of the stack. This gives a bit more spring preload for better hookup and also gives a longer wear range of the plates before needing replacement. Mine is working flawlessly still at ~35 hours...

I like the Hinson clutch components, they are very reliable, and they have a lot of experience in the business.

I have a Hinson Basket and Pressure plate. Stock fibers and steels with stock CRF450 springs

previous experience with hinson--good stuff, but like the idea of the stainless steel inserts / barnett clutch basket----seems that would be durable----anybody try that setup?

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