carbon fiber fork sleeve for red/green sticker?

The other day I saw this carbon fiber sleeve that was on the upper fork of a bike. I want one and can't find one. This is just a sleeve that allows you to put your red/green sticker on it. I like this idea so I can remove my forks without destroying the sticker. I have done extensive searches on the internet. Does anyone out there know who makes them and where to get them?

Please help if you can.


I've seen them on ebay every now and again, but be very careful, a diligent park ranger will fine you for these, they are illegal technically. The green/red stickers must be affixed to your bike, not to something that can be transferred from bike to bike. I have always placed my stickers between the triple clamps on the left fork leg and never scuffed one while removing the forks.

Thanks NM.


I have a piece of pvc pipe around my fork tube that i put my green sticker on, I've had this set up for about 9 years, just keep slipping it off and on when i get new bikes. I've been racing in the dez like this here in oregon on BLM land and green truck is always at the races. Their always look at the bike to ckeck for green sticker and dcbl. level and have never said anything to me about the way its on the bike. Take about 5 inchs of 2 1/2 inch pvc, cut it lenghtwise so you can pry it open and slip it around the fork tube between the triple clamps without taking anything apart. Takes about 3 mins. and costs less than a buck. (bling,bling)

Good luck....

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