2002 Head on a 2005 CRF450???

Does anybody know if the 2002 CRF450 Head will work on the 2005 CRF450? I have a complete head ported & polished with SS Valves and friend of mine wants to buy but we don't know if it is compatible.

yes,it will.

i would pretty leary of a used head........

who did the work?

i believe so. Only difference that I am aware of is that the manual decompression hole disappears on 04 and later heads. No biggie as long as you still have the rubber plug and plate.

mayber call RHC to confirm... but i'm pretty sure that they are compatible

boy I'm with burned , i would be very carfull with the thing.

when i first started playing with the porting and flow on the crf head i went way backwards before i made any improvement .

and i would really be carfull on what springs it had , how old are they .

infact i would disassemble and really ck it all out and if it was not to hacked up i would get new springs and or valves just to make sure .

like burned said i would be leary!!!

Thanks. Who is RHC? or is it HRC? The head work was done by Pro Circuit.

The Intake Valves and Springs are new and Kibblewhite SS. The exhaust are new and stock. The head is cherry and ready to go as a backup but I have a friend in need and with a race coming up and it will take almost 2 months to get a new complete head here or the parts to fix his other. He has a 2005 Honda CRF450 with appx 50 hours and intake valves went to zero clearence. He never checked his valves. Expensive lesson.

Thanks. Who is RHC? or is it HRC? The head work was done by Pro Circuit.

RHC is Ron Hamp Cycles. www.ronhamp.com

hmmm I'm curious about PC's porting. You should snap some digi pics of the intake and exhaust ports and post um

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