got my RHR head

Well I got my head back from Ron Hamp with the port job and stainless valves ect. also got my J&E piston. Ron has been great to do business with, very patient and helpfull.

I bought a NEW head and sent it to Ron so I would not have any down time. so I have my stock head for sale. I had it in the classified adds- a couple of bites but no one stepped up. I got it off last night. valves were in speck and the valves look good. sprayed wd40 on top of valves -- no leak.

I have been hearing all the talk of valve probs but both me and the previous owner rode the bike relativly easy and changed oil after each ride. The previous owner had the valve clearence checked a couple of times and never had to adjust them. The engine ran fine but I was concerned about amount of time on the piston which is what spured the rebuild. just fyi I will post when I get it fired up. :naughty::naughty:

you mean "RHC" head?


"RHR" Ron--> :naughty: :naughty: <--andrae

YES RHC Ron Hamp sorry ron

just messing with ya!!

Hope you enjoy the new power! I luuuuv mine. Please let us know what jetting you end up with. I am at 162 main now and still working my way down. (175 is stock on 02)

I live in San Diego. Where are you located in CA?

did you get the cheaper porting ($200) or full blown??

Faster are you running the Hamp cam too? Ive heard tales of guys running 158's in that setup at sea level...

that cam must make some serious vaccum...

Faster are you running the Hamp cam too? Ive heard tales of guys running 158's in that setup at sea level...

that cam must make some serious vaccum...

My bike was running a 155 in hot weather and a 158 normally....that was with RHC's full on portwork, "hot" camshaft, CHM SM1 exhaust, and a Wiseco 12.5:1 air filter screen either...

i am using the stock camshaft for now.

But, as soon as his torque cam is available I want to try it. It is supposed to be easier on the valves.. and make more power. Sounds good

here is my setup right now

RHC mild port

162 main

48 pilot

JE 12.5:1

02 Stock Cam

Stock headpipe

Thunder Alley Slip on

I just recently switched from TA with spark arrestor to TA straight pipe. I now have the dreaded bog with WFO down very low in rpm's. I went up from a 45 pilot to a 48. But it didn't seem to get any better. It will bog for a second and then catch up and go sometimes

I think I am going to try a leaner pilot and see what happens. If that doesn't help, I am wondering if the AP squirt needs adjustment. Idle seems to be higher since the switch too.

anyone have ideas?

im sorry i did not let any body know but i have thoses cams in stock .im busy with the new suzuki and i iam also developing some head work and parts for a factory team i cant say what brand .is any body going to the silver dome this week end i will be there .

FasterNU you should try a 40 pilot. I've been running one forever. It fixed the fluxuation in the idle and cleaned up the throttle response.

faster nu- I live in jackson which is above Sac I am at about 2000' elevation, I checked my main last night, its a 170 dont know pilot. I am going to run a stock muffler that is cut down 3" with the Pro moto billit end. I was reluctant to have the port job but I explained what I was after to Ron he said I would be alright but may have to go down one size on the main. Ron said the 12.5 J&E piston with his valves I would be at at true 12-1 compression. Hopes this works well I dont want open pandoras box of jetting probs

ok thanks for the recommendation Shawn. I think I am going to try a 42 first though

Well got I got it done!! Went together well started on 3rd kick. I changed a few things all at once so I dont know what did what but I like it. Ron Hamp Mild port job with J&E 12 1/2 piston. I took off the FMF power core 4 and put my stock muff (cut down 3") with pro moto billit end cap. dropped the main a half size. I have alot more low end and more through whole range.

One stupid screw up on my part.. make sure to put center bolt in cam chain tensioner..... oil comes out when riding.... and then you notice when you are in middle of BFE....


What did all that set you back $$


Brand new head (no down time) with springs, valve seals, small misc parts, $255

Port job, 4 stainless valves, assembly, J&E piston rings.. about $550

gaskets and stuff I forgot about ? TOTAL about $$850

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