Factory Yamaha YZ racing parts

I just heard today (old news?) that Yamaha is selling some hop up goodies that are Supermoto related...

Yamaha Racing

They seem to be recognizing the Supermoto section because they're offering a beefier con-rod and a bunch of go fast goodies.

Form an orderly line behind me...


It looks like a European site. I never heard of it.

To support YZ125, YZ250F and YZ450F riders that want an extra performance edge over their competitors, Yamaha have made available YRRD race kits that can be obtained through the European Yamaha distributors and selected dealers. The YRRD programme's main objective is to stimulate the use of Yamaha machinery and help the customers to achieve their racing goals, rather then to achieve direct commercial benefits.

That looks like very nice stuff. :naughty:

Reminds me of a couple years ago, (ok about 8 or 9), a buddy had a FZR400 racer with a bunch of cool Yamaha kit parts on it. That exhaust was (GASP!) steel painted black, how times have changed.

I would like to get some of these parts but my Yamaha dealer says he can not get them. Were can I get the part numbers and who can I order the stuff from? I live in Michigan. Tim

Could be that you need to have the special hookup to get pert numbers or even be able to order these particular parts.

This may be one of the fringe benefits of having even limited factory support from Yamaha, Places like Chapparal may have access to them but wont offer it up to joe blow off the street.

Now there may be a member here that could have snuck you a part or 2 under the counter but I hear his rider is flying an orange flag now or something like that so that may be a moot point.

Anyway i think Yamaha should make that stuff available to the public as "last years baddass goodies" as a way of giving back to those who buy their products and even more so to those that race race them.

If you called Yamaha corporate and faxed the person on the other end a receipt from a race entry in a SuperMoto event you would probably get way farther than trying to convince the guy at your local dealership to help you out.

Food for thought :naughty:

have a question for you, have 98 yz 400 and want to convert

over to supermotard,looking for help with rims tires sizes,gearing

kevin in fbks alaska :naughty:

On your 98 400, call Jeff at East Coast Wheels, use a 15/43 combo for gearing (street oriented) and throw some Pirelli SuperCorsa's on there and you are ready to rock.

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