2002 CRF450-R Jetting or Ignition problems

I have 2002 CRF 450-R, and at high speeds upwards of 55 MPH, the bike starts to sputter like it is not getting fuel. I know I am not hitting the rev limiter. Any thoughts as to what is causing this. I was riding in Vegas over the weekend, so maybe the altitude had something to do with it. I only noticed it in 5th gear. I didn't run it that fast in the lower gears to see if it still sputtered.

I just purchased the bike. It has a Baja-Designs Dual sport kit on it, so when I was on the highway, in between trails, is when I noticed it.

Probability is highest for jetting or fuel not a lot of ignition failures reported here. What jets/needle/clip are in it anyway. Besides start with the cheap & easy stuff then move to the more expesive stuff. Make sure tha tank vent is working right. Fresh fuel? Look for debris in the tank. Pull the tank spigot if necessary.

The guy I just bought it off of just went through the motor...I think it's the stock Jetting. I gotta pull it apart to see. I did go through a tank of fresh gas. I'll check the tank vent too.


This is my first 4-stroke and I'm hooked. Got my KX 250 for sale after the first ride. This 450 is awesome.


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