Clark or IMS

For anyone who has a aftermarket tank or heard of which one is better please let me know. The Clark is 4.7 gallons and the IMS is 4.0 gallons. Is there a stronger tank or are they both made well? How do they fit on the XR650L and is there one that is more comfortable on the knees? Any info would be great... Thanks in advance..


I have a Clarke 4.3 for my BRP and it fits great......... :naughty:

From what I've read on hear they both are good tank's...

You might do a search here and see what you come up with... :naughty:

I have the 4.0 gal IMS tank on my XR650L, and couldn't be happier ... it went on easily, and fits perfectly ... some posts on here suggested a problem with the petcock not clearing the engine, or something ... I had no such problem at all ... maybe they got a "bad" one ... ?? .. the Clarke is also well-spoken of, and I think it may be cheaper than the IMS, not sure ...

Clarke all the way. Better color match, fit and price. However, a word to everyone. Don't expect new graphics to line up like they once did. Especially if you've switched out your shrouds. This schmuck learned that real quick....

Thanks for the replys. I went with the clark 4.7 red @$169 from Bob was very nice to deal with...

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