THE single most important thing you can do for your motorcycle


No matter how well your WR runs, it ain't worth a damn if you can not ride it. Please do your part and help to send Mr. Gore packing. :)


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Good point vote BUSH and you can ride.


Vote Bush because he has morals and ethics and this country is in dire need of them. Gore wants goverment control of everything and want to give all of out money to lazy people who dont want to work. It is all unconstitutional!!! Lets get back to real america. Vote Bush.

We cannot take for granted that Bush is going to win. Bush can win the popular vote, but Gore can win the electorial vote. The Arkansas gang has had eight years to prepare for this occasion. Simply by packing the delegation with liberals.

In 1960, Nixon won the popular vote, but Kennedy won the electorial vote, it can happen again.

Ihr Amerikaner seid ein komisches Volk ,ihr müsst doch mal ein bisschen längerfristig denken und nicht immer von dem " Real America " träumen . Ihr lebt in dem realen Amerika mit einem pro Kopf Energieverbrauch der höher ist als inder restlichen Welt ,mit einem Waffenpotential das grösser ist als

Vergleichbare auf der Erde . Kein Land dieser Welt hat eine höhere Kriminalitätsrate als die USA .

Glaubt ihr wirklich das einer wie Bush der den Reichen gibt und den Armen nichts ( Im Namen Gottes ,des christlichen Glaubens )wirklich was ändert ,NIEMALS Al Gore ist auch nur ein glatter Populist aber er hat moderne inteligente Leute im Rücken und nicht diese ,old fashioned Style Typen .

Good Luck America do the right thing and think about it : This is your childrens world

Greetings from Germany and still riding the


Washington, George

"Government is not reason. Government is not eloquence. It is force. And, like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

Check out "The Gorallero" at:

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Thank you Steve for the Los Angeles radio station web site, it tells it like it is. But KLAUS, I am sorry that I did not understand the first two paragraphs of your last posting. Could you interpert it for me?

I now understand why the enviro's are winning the war, nobody cares or understands what is going on.

I have a video that shows why all this land grab and enviro stuff is happening and how it all ties in with getting us Americans to conform to the un constitution and the Euros trying to make us part of their new world order. It's kind of radical stuff, so if you want, I can make copies, but I am not responsible for the content in the videos.

I consider the video "extreme" myself, but

it definately has its points.

Vote Bush! At least he'll keep our land open for riding a little while longer.


HI America!

1 Whats ENVIRO ?

2 I think that this country has alot of social and crime problems and i cant believe Bush has the right solutiones !

3 And the day will come we can t ride dirt bikes like we have anymore ,this ( free riding ) could not be the man reason to vote a man .

Still riding the Blue Diesel .Bye Bye

Vote Bush !!! Drink and Ride !!!!

BTW Cheney had a DWI !!! Yes he did !

Vote Cheney !!! Drink and Ride !!!!

Erik: Are those videos done by a guy by the name of John L. Smith....or Davis? I listen to this guy when I'm working on my bike at night in the garage. Real interesting stuff about the new world order.

KLAUS!!!!!!! Where do you get your info? I ask this because you seem to be misinformed, big time. FYI, enviro stands for "ENVIROMENTALIST", an extremist, whacko, notzi organization designed to turn America into a third world country. Not save the children, as they want you to believe.

George Bush may not be the perfect solution, but he is the best choice we have. On the other had,algore will say anything he thinks will get himself elected. Including lying, as long as he gets elected.


Boit, I actually have a couple of different

videos you might be interested in, one by Kent Hovind,titled "Evolution, foundation for naziism, communism, and the new world order" its got info on bio warfare stuff here in America and concentration camps and all kinds of neat stuff. I also have a REALLY radical tape by David Wagner that shows how FEMA has plans to help takeover the U.S. pre-Y2k. Anyway, let me know, Erik

Okay guys here's the low down on Bush. One of my best friends lives in texas, he was a democrat. A staunch democrat. I asked him how Bush had done in Texas. Couldn't get him to shut-up about what a great job Bush has done. All of the media miss-information about how bad he has done is just that. Gotta admit it floored me. Took the state from a deficit to a surplus, Passed real tax breaks, took on the enviro wacko's so that people could use land for fun and preserve some also, passed real school reform not just the empty promises that we always hear about. I wont go on because I think you get the message. Coming from someone who has lived through the Bush administration in Texas, and who was a democrat, it's hard to ignore.

Hope this helps some of you out, I never would have expected it.

Later, eric

SoCalErik: I'm interested in those videos. Where might I find them? I'll do an iternet search on Hovind and Wagner. Thanks.

I just wanted to move this thread up to the top again because it should be the most important subject for all of us on this site.If we don't take care of our liberties and civic responsibilities, you may as well just throw away your WR's, KTM's YZ's or make paper weights out of them.

VOTE FOR BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree.......Vote for Bush, or else get some hiking boots.

Cheney had two DUIs.

By the way, I voted early and I'm not telling who I voted for. It might get me kicked out of this forum......

But at least I will still get to sleep in the same bed as my wife. And I am sorry guys, but that is way more important :)


al gore has said the greatest enemy of the 21st century is the internal combustion engine!, forget the fact that the manufacturers are bulding engines that put out little or no emmissions

and that the factories get away with dumping huge amounts of waste and emmissions into the environment because the make large contributions! lets get this right and go roost a tree hugger next weekend!

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