THE single most important thing you can do for your motorcycle

Boit, go to and check out tape # 5 . It's part of a 7 tape series he offers. You might be able to view a portion of the tape right there on the website.

Dr. Kent Hovind offers 250,000.00$ to anyone who can prove the theory of Evolution, he says put up or shut up. He will debate anyone, groups of college professors or whoever,(he's never lost a debate yet) and he speaks over 700 times a year all over the U.S. about dinosaurs and creation vs. Evolution. Anyway, have fun with it, and if you want the other tape from David Wagner, just e-mail me with your address and I'll ship it to you. Erik


So Cal Erik

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Well guys, it sounds like Dougie runs things around his house, you know, the vacume cleaner, the washing machine, the ironing board.

I wonder what Mitch would say about that??

Dougie: I don't think your wife is allowed in the voting booth along with you, is she? Once that curtain is closed, it's YOUR vote. Besides, what kind of person is she to dictate to YOU who you must vote for? Is she voting for creepy Al because of how he swapped spit with Tipper on national TV? What weight does his campaign promises carry when he lies so much? I guess I'm missing something¿

I will without a doubt vote for Bush. Although I'm a active UNION member and have been for many years. I work so I can live and play, not the other way around. I understand that the electorial vote elects the President but you still have to do your part and be heard. Everyone has one vote use it or don't complain when you own a $6000.00 paper weight.

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Originally posted by Klaus Edinger:

Ihr Amerikaner seid ein komisches Volk ,ihr müsst doch mal ein bisschen längerfristig denken und nicht immer von dem " Real America " träumen ....Kein Land dieser Welt hat eine höhere Kriminalitätsrate als die USA .


Pretty cowardly writing this so that nobody would understand. Take a look at the last 100 years and then we'll decide who are the strange ones. And while everyone is entitled to an opinion, It's usually best to at least look at the facts before you make some sort insulting statement about our homeland. By the way, I've lived in this country for 30 years(in large cities like Chicago, Miami and Phoenix), and your country for 3. I've never been victimized in the USA, but had my car broken into twice while I lived in Europe.


A note to algore:

You can take my car, you can take my house, you can take my wife. BUT don't mess with my bike. That is how important my bike is to me. (well....almost)I am sure there are other people out there that feel the same.

Now, tell the members of this forum if you are inclined to cast your vote to the very person that would take away our right to ride our bikes. (you know who you are)

Hooray for you Brad,when I got on Klaus's case, he shut up or ran and hide. I still haven't heard any explanation from him. I can't believe he was so misinformed and trying to tell how it is.

VOTE FOR BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!


I knew that would get things going.

I made my educated choice. Yeah, I want to make sure I can ride anywhere I want. But I also want to make sure a woman has a right to choose and not just any ******* can walk up and get a gun.

This is an election where the president may choose up to three Supreme Court Justices. Way more important than where I can ride. If I have to, I'll sell the bike for a two stroke and learn to clear 100 foot table tops.

Oh no, me and my wife share the same political thoughts. How dare we. Wake up fellas, not all democrats are sandal wearing, tree hugging, granola eating environmentalists.

Don't share my views? Get out and vote. We live in a great country. We all share a great hobby. Love me for my hobby not my politcal affiliations.

Love you all, Ride on!

Originally posted by Dougie:


...not all democrats are sandal wearing, tree hugging, granola eating environmentalists.

Yes they are.... Just kidding Dougie, while I'm sure most people on the forum (and hopefully the US) don't share your political views, your point about voting and having a choice is really what it's all about. The fact that you or I can express our political views openly, and have a say in who is elected is what makes our country the greatest on the planet. Our system is far from perfect, but I've seen plenty of governments in action (firsthand) from Europe, to the Middle East, to the Far East, and nobody else comes close to the true freedom we enjoy here in the good ol' USA.

So how do the Birkenstocks work on the real knarly trails? Seems like they wouldn't offer much protection for the toes.


Went riding yesterday on one of my favorite trails - an 80 mile ride up the north face of the San Bernardino mountains starting in the desert near Landers and ending in Big Bear. A real fun ride with about 5000 feet of elevation gain and a large variety of terrain. :) I've been riding this trail since the late 70's.

Seven miles into the ride we came to a new heavy-duty fence blocking the trail with a sign that read "Wilderness Area - No Motorized Vehicles". Four miles later another fence with the same sign. The result of President Clinton signing another executive order - a strip of closed bogus wilderness area cutting though open public land.

Read more about it here:

"They" plan on signing another before Clinton leaves office. Read more about that one here:

More stuff of interest to the voting off-road enthusiast:

Things will only get worse with Gore in office.

Thanks guys, this is a perfect end to a weekend discussion, it has been fun and good luck on Tuesday.

PS What ever happened to Klaus?

After reading Ron's last posting,I am asking Dougie, even though I know I don't have a right to,who did you say you voted for??????

I don't understand how anyone can vote for Gore, He has openly lied right in front of the public, but the public still likes him?

Well, it just shows where the average Gore voters heart is. They will put up with lies,

(they have for 8 years now) deceit, losing their land rights,(and are willing to lose much more), their freedoms, their guns, etc..., but at least they "legally" can feel good about killing millions of unborn babies,

all in the name of being irresponsible for their own actions. God is the judge of ALL!

Hey, what else are the Democrats willing to give up just to have a few extra bucks in their pockets and abortions too????? Dougie, I pray that you make a REAL EDUCATED choice

and think before you vote. Take the skirt off and be the man of the house! :) We're talking about YOUR freedoms here! You should be leading your wife and family in how they vote not the other way around! "please don't take this personally, I don't even know you, but the post you left here makes me wonder :D." Erik


So Cal Erik

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Doggy! If you vote as a Democrat and do so because that's what your wife wants you to do, then you are a flaming liberal for sure! How can you possibly ride off-road motorcycles and vote for a candidate that will take away your forest land?

As far as the gun thing, you've been watching too many, 'Save the Children' tv adds. Get real! Do you ACTUALLY believe that by controlling your and my right to bare arms will actually prevent some looser low-life from purchasing a gun on the black market right before commiting a crime?

I have a gun. It has never jumped up and commited a crime on it's own. It might be hard for you to grasp this concept, but the gun in itself isn't dangerous at all. It's the person behind the gun that's the danger. So how can regulating gun purchases by law abiding citizens possible prevent gun crimes by low-lifes?

By the way, I assume you drive a Subaru? Well next time I'm on the highway, GET THE **** OUT OF THE LEFT LANE!

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I totally agree Mark! Concerning guns: Laws are for people who obey them. Criminals by their very nature do not obey laws. Therefore, more gun laws only restrict and encumber those citizens that are responsible and law abiding. Make sense? Maybe Al Gore has a hard time with my right-wing, republican logic! :)

One more thing........Has anybody ever wondered what will happen to Al Gore if he doesn't get elected?????

When they come for your guns, give them the bullets first!

Who cares as long as he doesn't!!!!! The big picture here is electoral votes! It doesn't matter how many popular votes ie. votes from you and i. Now that really chaps my hide! Here in California I have yet to see a Al Gore sign of any kind :) Bush and Chenney drunk or not is all over everything. It wouldn't suprise me Bush winning the popular vote and Al(I just gotta)Gore taking the electoral. what do ya say to that, huge

In what year did the first civil war start?

The reason that I will vote for Bush is because I think he's the guy that I can relate to the most. I agree with his views on almost everything. I dont think that our Federal Gov. should be able to go into California, Utah , Colorado Etc.. and just grab the land that they want!!!!! Did you know (Doug) that Al Gore will do this without the consent of your state, they are enviromentalists, I love my country and my enviroment. So why should we let our government take it away from us?????

If you ask anyone that lives in the greater Los Angeles area where they go to ride they will all tell you that they drive a long long long way to ride in an area that hasnt been closed down yet, I said "yet". Yes their are issues that are more important than being able to roost, But women will always have a choice!!! I promise!!!!! But not enough people care about keeping OHV parks and our desert open. Vote Bush today and have a better future, God bless you and the United States of America!!!!!! Dan

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