Motocross mistakes. OOOOPS!

Just wondering if other's make these kinds of mistakes, or if I'm just a moron. :naughty: I raced my first race last weekend. Tried out the Sportsman class. On the last lap I was chasing this guy for fourth place and I couldn't get around him. We came out of the last turn and I realized I could get by him before the finish line jump. I layed on the throttle and passed him as I was going off the finish line jump. Just then I noticed that they were waiving the checkered flag AND a yellow flag. :naughty: Oops. After a brief lecture, I was docked a lap instead of DQ'd. I feel like a total MORON. Please tell me others have made these mistakes! The track officials made me feel like it was unbelieveable that I did something that stupid. Oh well. Live and learn I guess. :D

The race, however, was the MOST FUN I'VE EVER HAD!!! 5th place aint too bad for a first-timer!

you were docked a lap and got 5th? How many were there 5? :naughty:

250f stole my post:D:D

glad you had fun though, thats what its all about...NOW WIN NEXT TIME!! :naughty:

I crossed the finish line in 5th. After they docked me a lap, I was 11th or 12th out of 16......

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