XR100 suspension noise

I picked up a used 2000 xr100 for my daughter as a replacement for the xr70 she has outgrown. So far it appears to be in good shape, other than some squeaking in the rear suspension. Appears to be in the lower linkage. What is the best way to get rid of that? It is a sign of lack of lube? or is it a sign of parts that need replacing?


lube the linkage, but also make sure the spring isn't rubbing on anything.

Yep, checked the spring. It is that irritating nylon/plastic rubbing noise, not metal on metal. Should I tear apart the linkage, or is it fine just to spray some lube in around the bushings?

It's only about 1/2 to take everything apart and lube it. Unless, one of those nuts won't come off and it turns into and hour and a half.

My '97 XR100's suspension made the same noise.I lubed it up a little bit and it went away.I didn't have to tear apart the linkage though.

For some odd reason Honda doesn't grease the suspension. By the time it starts making noise usually all the plastic parts are worn out.

I would take it a part and grease it ASAP.

My xr 100 was doing the same thing. All I did was put wd 40 all over it and the noise went away.

I hit it with wd40 to diagnose where the squeak was coming from. It's not a good lube though. Now that I made it go away, I'm going to try some chain lube sprayed in there. Long term I will probably pull it apart and lube it carefully.

Thanks for the comments everybody.

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