Lowered 230F

I just lowered a 230 for my wife by installing a link and sliding the forks through the clamps. The stock kickstand is a bnit too tall now and I don't want to cut it.

Will a CRF150f kickstand (I assume it's shorter) fit on a CRF 230F? And what can I expect tp pay?

Hey, I will trade you kickstands. I'm about to install CR85 suspension on my bike so I will probably need something longer.

Cheers, :naughty:

Hey, I will trade you kickstands.

Thanks for the offer but I am going to keep the original link and kickstand so I can return the bike to stock at a later time.

Does anybody know if the two kickstands are interchangeable?

I called the dealer and was told a new 150 kickstand is $32.00.

The two bikes share the same frame, so it makes sense that the kickstands would interchange.

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