SX setup Question

I know this maybe a dumb question but How do they setup for Race so fast. What I mean is that they had the race in Dallas, Then they go to the silverdome, then go across over to Washington and then all the way down to Houston, back up to vegas. Do they have multiple trucks or something like that?

There's a week between races usually so I imagine they have plenty of travel time...with a huge crew they can break down and setup in a matter of hours. THat's just my opinion though I don't know the real answer

I always wondered what the mechanic does. Does he fly home after the race like the rider? He must. If so, when does he work on the bike? Does he fly in several days before the rider does and start working on the bike? In the old days, the mechanic WAS the driver of the box van, so he was always with the bike, working on the bike, whenever he got a chance. They don't have multiple trucks, but they do have many bikes on the road with them and even more parts for the bikes. I bet they do a lot of UPSing or FedExing of suspension etc, back and forth to the race shop etc. They have a whole team of guys back at the race headquarters working on race bikes, motors, etc. during the week. The logistics are mind-boggling.

Yea I was thinking , what if say....chad reed's or whoever truck with all his stuff crashed, broke down or weather was involved.....Washington to Houston is a long a$$ drive.

The factories haven't had a truck crash, yet. A few satellite teams have. I know the Suzuki rig cracked the engine block back in like '96 in Minneapolis. I don't know what they did. Probably hired out a local truck to get them to the next race. A couple of times I've seen the big rigs on the highway going from one race to the other. One time it was a Monday the day after Mt. Morris(I think) and they were already just about into Southwick. That is probably more than 10 hours driving right there.

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