TE610E Graphics?

Hello All,

I'm a newbie to the forum, though I have been lurking for a while now.

I recently installed the 4.5 (4.0) gallon tank of my TE610E and need some graphics for it. The tank is black, not yellow, and I would like to find some graphics for it. I have found the ones at the link below, but they don't do much for me.


Any info/help would be appreciated! :naughty:



You can get the chrome genuine ones from the factory.There were 2 types if you want I can dig out the part numbers.

Thanks for the offer, I already have those part numbers, the ones for the yellow and blue and also the chrome ones that you mentioned. I called my dealer about them and I was given a price of about 100 bucks apiece! :naughty:

Maybe I should check with another dealer and see if that price is b.s.


I was curious, which 4.0 gallon tank did you purchase? I am only familiar with the factory one that is of the black color, am I correct.

I have a 2003 te610e and wouldn't mind putting one on mine.

It is the Husqvarna (Acerbis) factory accessory tank, black not yellow.

I got the tank from R & D Husky in Australia they aren't cheap but it worked out to about the same price it would have cost me at a dealer in the U.S. if I could have got one.

Email Stefan at the site below and tell them that Steve in Kansas told you about it, nothing in it for me except I told him that I bet several other people would want one if they could get one. :naughty:

I will post a topic for this so more people will know where they can get one, it took me a long time to find a source, and he couldn't have been a better guy to work with through email halfway around the world! :naughty:

Good Luck,


Talieson Racing in the UK emailed me that they have Blackbird and Technosel graphics that fit a TE610E, does anyone know where I can get a picture of either of these particular graphics?

I have had a look at 'blackbirdracing.com' and seen some that have the Italian flag incorperated in them, they look colourful.



in the UK

I just got the Rear number plate for my 2001 Husky SMR and I was just expecting plain old black plastics but it has the ols school graphics on it.. Looks nice.. shame I'm just gonna peel it off.. Call motoxotica they seem to be able to find hard to find items for ya.. :naughty:

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