Need turn signals and left mirror for DRZ400S

I'm picking up that 2001 "S" I posted about in another thread tonight. It started right up, even with old gas, using the battery from my Triumph Sprint. Turns out it has 317 miles and I got it for $1750. I'll be heading out there with fresh gas and a new battery after dinner tonight. But I digress..

Somehow, the owner managed to break all four turn signal stalks when moving it from CA to PA. They are currently taped up with black electrical tape and don't look too terrible. He also managed to lose the left mirror.

I've been poking around the web a bit today looking for aftermarket options for turn signals and mirrors. White Bros. "Motard" turn signals seem decent as does the Baja Designs folding mirror. Anyone have experience with either of those two products?

Anyone have stock stuff they want to sell (cheap)?

Other options I should consider?

Turn Signals. Go to your local auto parts store and make a custom setup for cheap!

MIRRORS!? not in Virginia. :naughty:

And you can ride with a sidearm!!!!

There always seems to be a set of mirrors on ebay...

If you end up getting OEM turn signals get the 02 and up as they are more flexible.

check your PM's. :naughty:

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