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Stateline Supermoto Challenge

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I would like to thank all of you guys and girls who supported the event. It was a HUGE gamble for me to take this event on, with never having done something like this in the past. I had a vision, and it came together better than I had hoped for. I was almost in tears watching the Pro's race at something that I had put together. The months of planning, preparation, emails, and phone calls were worth it. I would like to thank all of the sponsors that believed in me enough this year to jump on board and help out. It will not be forgotten.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to all of the people on my staff that were there to make the event successful. There is no "I" in team, and it takes a TEAM to pull any event off. Thanks to Don Canet for bringing STTARS to the event, and lending his assistance and knowledge of the sport to my event. Thanks to Brok McCallister for assisting with the Nor Cal contingent as well. It was great to watch all the different racers. Thanks to Scott Hoffman of Supermoto Racer Magazine for believing in me, and cheering me on through all of the difficulties before the event took place. (fire department, etc.) Thanks to Moto Greg for taking care of tech inspection. Thanks to John Casimir for handling pre-grid. Thanks to Lance with ATVScene.com for helping out with our new 4 wheeled firends. The quads were amazing to watch! Most of all, thanks to my wife and daughter for standing by through this last few months. It has not been easy. Lastly, thanks to all of my family and friends who helped with the event. I could not have done it without all of you.

Thanks to Andy Shellcross (A.K.A. the Mad Brit) for letting me ride a few laps in the team race with him. It was really fun to ride the track that I had seen in my head for months.

Perhaps the companies that I contacted regarding sponsorship for this event won't laugh at me again when they are approached about the type of event that I want to put on.

Time will tell............

Thanks again to all of those involved with the event!!

Marche Karger

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I cannot say enough for how great this event was :naughty: . I hope everyone appreciates the hours of work that you had to put in to pull this off. Your vision really did come true. You really should think about applying for tha AMA job. They could use you!

Everything about this event was first class. Anyone who wasn't there really missed out. The track was Pro caliber, but safe enough for beginners.

I personally want to say "Thank You" for all your hard work, and your crew too! Congrats buddy!

Brian #42

You know that beer you promised, forget it, I think I owe you one now!

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