Need more power

Help need more power from my little bros. 50 i need all the tricks and tips.

How old is he and who is the main rider? a basic pipe and air-filter is a cheaper way to gain a little more power, but remember, you are dealing with a stock (if it is) 2.5 hp engine. Dont expect much w/o putting on a larger motor. It was made for a 5-7 year old

check out the crf/xr50 section in motorsports outlet. The 88cc kits r nice, but expensive. Maybe a bbr pipe and some pit bike bars. That is if it is being used for a pit bike.

A pipe is more expensive than a base 88 kit, you guys are nuts. Also a big pipe on a stock motor hurts the performance, to much flow for it. Just a cyclinder and piston would be perfect.

Just buy a manual to go along with the bore, it really is not that hard to work on these little motors, anybody can do it if they just have a little paitence.

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