Pannier Protectors

I just got a Wolfman Alfa rear bag for my S. Its a great bag, but I have to mount it far forward to keep the right side from hitting the exhaust. Anyone know who makes pannier protectors for this bike. I have a Pro-Moto rack, but they only make the protectors fot the 650.

I bought the Dirt Bagz recently and really like them, they of course come with the mounting bracket to keep them off of the bike. Come with a warranty and all of that. Use them daily for my commute but if I was to go camping I would probably either add a duffle bag on top of them or tank panniers.

I have their rack and will someday upgrade to their side racks, to support pannierz

Thanks for the link. Pricy as hell :naughty: , but I ordered their "original side rack." Its a little more heavy duty than what I need, but it will allow me to move my bag back...and give me more mobility.

I am torn between Dirt Bagz and Andy Strapz' Expedition Pannierz

It's about the same price.. pannierz are waterproof, rolltop, adjustable size,

but no frames.

if i win the lottery... happy trail SU side racks and pannierz and pelican


dirtysouth: can you post some detailed pics of the dirt bagz and mounting

brackets on both sides? the dirt bagz website is horrible!

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