E ex. vs. Yosh. vs Muzzy vs. Q. 94db or less

Before parting with more $ is there any benefit to adding Yosh. muzzy or fmf q with powerbomb ? The bike needs to stay quiet 94 db. or less. for public land and also lots of riding with kids. is there any change in power if the ex. system is kept quiet?

I recently added a Q w/powerbomb to my E and picked up just a bit more everywhere. It now sounds much better like a real bike not a sewing machine. Feels like it just breathes better too. It is louder than stock but definately under 94 db...not bad at all. I originally put on a Big Gun Quiet and it was loud and didn't do much for power at all. For the most power you can go Yosh but even with the mediumd TEC it is loud. No way under 94 db.

Gotta say though that I have already done the Hotcam, JD jetting/snorkle off, power now. I'm at the point where I happy with the power and throttle response now. No one thing was a huge improvement but all the little things add up to a nice gain.

If you go with a Q w/powerbomb will you HAVE to rejet it? I'm just wondering if you can slip on a new exhaust and see some power gain and make it sound better without having to goto the trouble and expense of rejetting.

Depends. How's that for an attorney answer! :naughty:

If your bike has stock jetting, I would definately rejet. I had already rejetted mine from stock and yanked the airbox lid but was running the stock exhaust. When I installed, the Q and PB I didn't rejet and it is great!

Did you install both cams or just the intake? Which gave the largest gain exhaust or cams? seem to cost about the same for 2 cams and shim kit or for exhaust.

I only did the intake cam since I had heard doing the exhaust cam will gain more on top while sacrificing a little on the bottom. I didn't want to give away anything on the bottom. I'm real picky with throtle response and bottom end power.

Many people on this board would say do the intake cam first before a Q pipe. They would also say do a Yosh pipe and rejet before anything. I noticed an improvement with the intake cam but I wouldn't say it was huge! Seemed to rev a little faster. Guessing but they probably were about the same in overall affect.

And i'm hearing the FCR carb is the way to go for max. improvement ? Any confirmation ?

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