I,m outta here

Only for one week :D .........But I will miss TT :cry::D , Leaving for AZ. tomorrow for one week of riding :naughty::D

Gotta go pack, try not to have to much fun without me :D

BTW Baja I did fire the plant super yesterday.....The guy almost started crying :D &%$#@! :naughty: .............And I fired my lab tech today he was cool about it and kinda new it was coming, and said thanks for the opportunity :D .........Ya like that it was 2 for 1 week for Kevdude :p .......Glad that BS is over with.

Later Guys

Kevdude :p

That's awesome you got to fire 2 people! :naughty: I would have started laughing if he cried, but that's just me. I'm not management material I guess.

Hey have fun in AZ, hope you don't get caught at the border bringing back all that stuff for me! Good luck!!

Kev can I come up and can someone, I only have two employee's and my wife does not count (she'd can me back). I need the release, as you can tell by my hate post.

Have a blast :naughty: in AZ and I mean that the way I would mean it (remember my nic name)

See Yuh when you get back.

Have fun in AZ Kev! :naughty: Bring back pictures! :naughty:

Done packing........will come back with helmet cam and pics. :D

BTW INDY got the helmet cam from LBZ on the winter TT ride :naughty: ........when I get back will burn them and send ya copies :naughty:

Have fun Kev, I'll make sure to defend the meek and helpless while you're gone! :naughty:

Me and smudge will have to pick up the post whoring slack while you're gone. Does xrMike know you are leaving? He'll miss you too!

What about Jason did you call him to tell him I'm leaving that it's ok to come out now :naughty::D ..............at least for one week :naughty:

While were on the subject of post whoring............I've written down yer post count so when I get back I can deduct than amount for my handicap :naughty: ......................did I just say that :naughty: ......does it my sense :D

Yes, and No :naughty:

No and no.

That's a no no baja :naughty::naughty:

I wonder what Kev is doing. I wonder if anyone will miss him. I wonder if people wish that I was going away for a week too.. What if we have more fun than ever while he's gone, what will that mean? Smudge are you still riding BR Friday?

I miss Kev :D I would miss you too baja if you left for a week :D

There does that sound sensitive enough, see I've cooled off now and I'm all better.

Yes I am riding Friday, and if I see any quad guys I'll just turn the other cheek :naughty: .

Oh shit their quad guys and they won't think the right cheek :D , its like deliverance, squeal boy squeal :naughty: .

Any updates with you on riding Friday?

I didn't even get to say good-bye to Kev. I already miss readying his post, can you make up for them baja?

:D:naughty::D The old Smudge is back, the kinder, gentler one. Well nothing has changed yet, although if they don't open until noon anyway, maybe I could work something out. Well since you are going regardless, it's all good. But I'll try to see if I can get some backup so I can go. :naughty:

Baja we should like make this post one of Kev's bigest, so when he gets back he looks at it and goes nuts :naughty:

I didn't even get to say good-bye to Kev. I already miss readying his post, can you make up for them baja?


Hi my name is Kevdude and I'm drinking beer. Anyone want to see my new bike? I got a CRF450X.


Baja we should like make this post one of Kev's bigest, so when he gets back he looks at it and goes nuts :naughty:

Man I wish I could hack his account, you know his password is probably beerman or Millerhead or something. Maybe it's millerbeerhead. :naughty:

What kinda beer are you drinking KEVDUDE, and by the way that bike is really cool. :D:D How many have you had by now :naughty::naughty:

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