02 drz400-s carb question

Does anyone know what the 02 drz400s stock carb is? Mine has the Keihin FCR on it but threads and certain sites make it sound like it came with the Mikuni BSR36. I'm wondering if the previous owner forked out the dollars for it.

plus the fuel sticker on the bike says to run premium 90 min fuel. I thought it had a lower compression to run a lower octane. The base gasket seems thin though. Any info would really help. Just got the bike and todays the first day off to tinker with it. Thanks

Are you sure you have an S?

Do you have a steering lock on the head tube?

The OEM carb on the 2002, and ALL DRZ S bikes is the BSR36.

You can tell what base gasket is in it by looking for a rivet. The S base gasket has a rivet in 2 of the corners that hold the 3 plys together.

As far as your carb, if you would like to go to the stocker, I will swap with you. Let me know. Anything to help a fellow TT'er

I don't see the steeing lock, It may be an 400e with s decals on it. also noticed the rear turnsignals are mounted on the rear fenders instead of the tail light plate assembly. Hopefully I can check it better with the vin # when I get the repair manual.

Post a pick.

Does it have the factory trip computer? That is another give away. If it is in fact a red sticker bike...and is registered in Cali...you are extremely lucky.

Sure, I'll trade carbs "not" The base gaskets are flat as hell with no rivets.

Perhaps it's an E after all :naughty:

It appears to have the factory trip meter. I was also thinking the s came with a speedometer instead of the trip meter?

ya sounds like it could be an E, and as far as I know the S models came with the Mikuni and you can run down to 87 octane, but the E's have to run 90 or higher

How about a helmet lock? Does the subframe end at the seat or continue back to the tail light?

These are other clues.

You have a meter...and not the computer...then it is an E.

Is it registered in Cali?

No helmet lock, subframe ends at seat end.

yeah, currenty registered in Cali under previous owner, going to DMV today, hopefully they won't give me any problems.

Further confirmation that it is a red sticker E.

Is it plated in Cali? If not you may have some trouble getting it that way.

Good Luck! :naughty:

Do you need a sticker if it has plates? Why would'nt it be a green sticker since it's an 02?

Do you need a sticker if it has plates? Why would'nt it be a green sticker since it's an 02?

It is a green sticker bike if its an 02, and you don't need a sticker if you have a plate. Don't even listen to anyone thats from Missouri. :naughty:

I really think you will have trouble trying to impersonate an S with that E at the DMV. There are a few things we can trade between your E and my S that will make it easier for you. The carb and the exhaust are the two main things that will get you busted. PM me and we'll work out a way to take care of that for you :naughty:

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