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Tire Balls. Good Or Bad?

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I recently (well last June actually) had a chance to race on a quad team in Scores Baja 500 in Baja California last June. The quad was a stock motor with a DMC pipe, Raptor 660. We ran tire balls in each wheel, Maxxi tires and experimental carbon fiber wheels. Everything held up great and we finished 1st place in Sportsman quad. Rob Ransforth from Chicago was owner and rider of record. Mile Penland and several of us local guys were the team.

So I was thinking that even at $250 a pop per wheel, these balls would be great in the desert and Baja for flat protection. And could be used over and over again as opposed to the foam tubes that pretty well used up within 1000 miles.

Then yesterday, I'm talking to a well known and highly respected Baja bike racer who tells me that an XR 650 team shreded two rear tires at the San Felipe 250 this last February running tire balls in the rear tires. The balls melted down like foam does in oppen bore bikes. The front tires held up great just like Foam does. But the rears generated too much heat and went pop! Thats the problem with open bikes. They can't use foam for long desert and Baja races because the foam heats up and melts. 250's and below dont seem to have this problem though.

What are your experiences with Tire Balls? I would buy them for trail riding and long bike trips. :naughty: Steny... GO HUSKY!

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