Coolant Leaking from under Waterpump

Anyone have a fix for a leak coming from under the waterpump, there is a little hole, and I know with cars, this hole is for when the pump goes bad, the coolant leaks out, is it the same? and if so, what is the fix, a new gasket? a new impellar? or is a complete pump? Thanks in advance for your help! :naughty:

Does it only do it on cold start ups.

Yes, coolant at that port indicates the seal is bad. The purpose of the port in this case is so that either the oil seal or the coolant seal can leak into the void without contaminating the other system.

Remove the impeller cover and the right engine cover and replace both seals. Inspect the shaft for a groove worn into it by the coolant seal. If present, the shaft must be replaced in order for the new seal to hold. You do not have to remove the clutch cover from the engine cover, although a couple of the bolts do pass through both.

Thank you much! :naughty:

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