Any good motocross books?

Are there any good motocross books out there? I have to read a book for school, what a good chance to pick up a MX book and get a grade for it too!! I thought I heard of a few, but anyone know any specific titles, preferably a book worth reading too....

The best motorcycle bike that I've read is Jeremy McGraths autobiography "Wide Open." That's actually my favorite book, but that's not saying much because I don't read anything except for magazines outside of school. So if you're a McGrath fan, I'd say this book is the best one out there IMO. :naughty:

Any idea where I can buy this book?

A pretty hilarious write up on the book.

In this gossipy, spiteful memoir, champion Supercross motorcycle racer McGrath wastes no opportunity to settle scores and gloat over vanquished enemies. Targets include his former Yamaha sponsors ("how quickly people can turn their back on you"), Supercross rivals Damon Bradshaw ("failed to win a single pro championship") and Jeff Emig ("always felt he was above everyone else") and "spoiled diva" actress Alyssa Milano ("she was a little bit out of shape and her butt was kind of big.") The nursing of resentments gives some energy and focus to an otherwise slack, anecdotal recounting of McGrath's aimless off-track existence as it meanders from his party-hearty bachelorhood, to his tense but dull courtship of his wife, to the furnishing of his home ("I rubbed my knees on each individual carpet sample page to simulate lying on the floor watching TV.") McGrath's account of his on-track career is preoccupied with the minutiae of sponsorship and endorsement deals and a catalogue of his record-setting accomplishments, but it occasionally includes revealing material on racing strategy and the exploitation of riders by promoters. Advice sidebars on topics like motorcycle maintenance ("modestly apply oil to filter, then gently massage in") and career-building ("you need parents to supplement your paper-route money and take you to the races") may be of interest to young Supercross wannabes, who will be further inspired by the countless photos of McGrath and motorcycle soaring through the air.

I loved Wide Open, really enjoyed reading it. I would reccomend it to any supercross fan. It had some funny parts as well.

Very good book, has a lot of cool stuff in it and some funny things as well.

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