Which bar bend?

I am 6'2 and own a 02. I am looking for a taller bar to make it easier to stand. the bike came with protaper Doug Henry bend. I ride mainly trail and desert. Which high bend would you offroaders recommend?

I am 6-1 175lbs and have an 03 CRF450 with the Pro Taper Windham bend. They are one of the tallest bars witht he least amount of pull-back. They are great for tall riders.

deffinatly the pro-taper windham bend. I have had them on my last 3 bikes absolutly love them

6'1" 180lb. Pro-Taper Windhams :naughty:

Tag T2 CR Double Hi is def. a good bar bend!! :naughty:

Josh #00 :naughty:

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