**Stolen Bikes NYC**

I had 2 of my bikes stolen last night, a 1995 rm125 with black plastics and a black CEET gripper cover. A 2003 xr 100 was also stolen. Please keep an eye out for me, at the tracks and trails and online. Im only 15 and cant afford another bike so my riding days are over if I dont get them back. A pic of the 125 is in my garage.



Can this be stickied please?


what area/town are you from?

New York City obviously, I saw an old RM at englishtown on wednesday but i dont think it was yours... That sucks man.

Im from Queens NY but I dont think they would hang around here after they took it.

ok, i'll keep a lookout for ya...

good luck in recovering it man

(mx54, it's also obvious that nyc ecompasses 5 boroughs)

Thanks alot, gonna get this stickied.


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