**Stolen Bikes NYC**

I had 2 of my bikes stolen last night, a 1995 rm125 with black plastics and a black CEET gripper cover. A 2003 xr 100 was also stolen. Please keep an eye out for me, at the tracks and trails and online. Im only 15 and cant afford another bike so my riding days are over if I dont get them back. A pic of the 125 is in my garage.



O, dude! That sux. What time did it happen and did u happen to see anything?

I know, I only had the rm125 for the winter and never got to have any real fun on it so that sucks even more. I didnt hear or see a thing. Im gonna be checking ebay for the next couple weeks and hopefully Ill recognize some parts or find the bike in whole.

Because of your age and from past experience I would suspect either "friends" or local neighborhood punks. Offer a reward at school and in the neighborhood and I bet you get some info., goodluck.

Besides Ebay, you should keep your eyes on Craigslist.org

They have a motorcycle section and you may see your bikes pop up there.

Good Luck.

Besides Ebay, you should keep your eyes on Craigslist.org

Thats just what I said, but its been a long time. Sorry but it aint lookin good for ya.

i know it may not turn up around where i live, but, i will spread the word down here for ya. Just trying to help, bikes to travel ya know. :)

where is nyc do you live, i would watch craigslist..local impound...you need to chain them up seriously in nyc

:) Boy that sucks, I got you covered out here on the East End of L.I., I will definitely keep my eyes open. Good luck, ask some of your neighbors, did you recently show them or did some neighboorhood hoods get a peek?

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