450 or 510?

Desert Racing / Riding

6'4" 225lb.

04 or 05?

Thanks for any input

As for 04 versus 05 that is a matter of how much can you afford, the deals on the 04s are tempting, I prefer the carb of the 05 and the valves are improved so I went 05, but can afford either.

As for 450 versus 510 that is simple, at the end of the day are you riding at your potential? Or slowed by fatigue? I am 60 and fatigue is my issue, the 450 is the least effort to ride open class bike out there! I rode a desert race this week for the first time in many years, it was only 50 miles for the old guy class, 100 for the rest and I was very tempted to go a second lap. Bike was flawless and more power was not going to make me go faster. If your fit, can ride full throttle while on the pegs go 510!

just wondering as i have never been to Czech.do you have a desert to ride in?

love my 510 for desert racing.

put on a 15 tooth cs, some guards (radiator, discs, hand, skid plate), have the front forks re-valved, add a stabilizer and risers, and go race.

the desert tanks will be ready from IMS and Clarke in a few weeks.

Highly recommended for desert racing. I'm 6'1" 190...only in baja do i need tiny bit more on the top...

I'm only 5'6" and 150lbs and got the 510.

So far, it seems as "flickable" as my wr250f was, but with gobs more grunt.

I've heard that the 450 doesn't have the bottom end of the 510, and they are very similar up top.

I've got the 15 tooth countershaft sprocket on as well, but I think I'll need to go down on the Rear sprocket for more comfortable crusing speed.

I've heard 15 countershaft and 48 tooth on the rear is ideal.

Apart from that, I've got to learn not to bother changing gears all the time like I did on the 250 ;-)

I could afford an 05 TE 510, BUT The deals on the 04 TC 450's were too good to pass up. $7500 OTD vs $5300 OTD was the differnce between the 510 and the 450. For that extra money, I can buy a spare front and rear wheel, HID light system and still have money left to take my wife to Vegas for letting me buy a new bike again. :naughty: LOL! Steny

BTW I'm 6'3" and 265 w/o gear on. Ride desert, Baja and occasional mountain trail. GO HUSKY! :naughty:

I own an 05 Te-510. I have only ridden a 04 TE-450 for a short play ride once. so my opinions are based on my short experience with that 450 and my 2 months on my 510. Both bikes are great and similar. In certain woods situations I have found the 510 to be a big boy. Not in the tight technical stuff. It does that nicely. Not the rocky, rutted climby and downy stuff..it does that with ease and grace. But in the flowing left turn right turn berms from one or two trees to the next ....then it feels like the 450 would be more at home.

Now out in the open country.... both are fast, the 510 just has more displacement, more ponies, lots of fun.

I picked the 510 for alot of reasons. I'm 6'5" 255 lbs. I picked the 510 party because when my KTM and WRF 450 buddys ride it, and when I ride it, we all know, me and they, have been on something more then another 450. :naughty: i wanted to go for the 510. I'm a C rider and the point is with the 510 I have no desire to look at exhaust pipes or some other power mods not that the 450 guys do either, but at 510 the stock power is great for me.

in a skectchy situation the 510 will launch itself - I'm learning to feather the clutch just so in a few situations. I would not trade it for the world of dirt bikes out there.

I don't know if I'm helping. its subtle decision each must make for them selves.

another reason I bought the 510 is I am 50 and the grey hairs are getting more on my head and I wanted to know/see my limits......so I said go for the 510. Ride the Wolf!

see burned told me motorcycling is an experience thing. this time it was my time to experience the 510 and I love it. Next time my choice may be different in fact it probably will as I will want to experience new stuff ........it really depends on what you want.

the classic answer is for open country go for the 510, but i find the 510 is great in the 80% of the tight stuff too in my hands.

Stoli is from the Czech Republic of BURPBANK. He is a good Dez Racer and comedian as well. Come on over Stoli, you'll really like the TE510.

And stoli, when you get the 510, you can come down to Baja and do our Husky ride in May! :naughty: Steny

Thanks for all the input. :naughty:

Now. What do you guys think of the Husaburg?? :naughty:

Zip over to Exotics Forum and get the Husaberg 411 from the Husaberg guys.

Zip over to Exotics Forum and get the Husaberg 411 from the Husaberg guys.

I have. Looking for an unbaised opionion

I'm not sure my Husky tainted opinion counts as unbiased. I've only been around two Husabergs... a '98 FE400e and a '02 FE650e, both bikes dual sported. Both bikes light and powerful, but problematic... the 400, constant electrical problems, owner had to have the bike completely re-wired among other things, sold it in frustration, the 650, my friend was the third owner in less than a year and it already had the top end replaced in less than 1300 miles. SEM ignition crapped out on second ride(fun tow out of the woods), it is hard to kickstart(and this guy has the "4 stroke leg"), has only re-started on button once and refuses to bump start. When it runs it's like wow! Must be like dating a super model. He is so torn about keeping or selling it. The inference has been that moving production to KTM plant in Austria has improved quality of the bike and Dirt Rider Mag has been impressed with the 550 and 450 so far. The Husky/KTM dealer I deal with was a Husaberg dealer before I started buying there, he said he doesn't regret giving up Husaberg to take Husky on, even if the price has come down and quality has improved. Some people think they look "hand made", some people think they look "home made" , it's a matter of perception I guess.

Before I bought my Huskys I considered the Bergs and ATK, just because I didnt want to be like everyone else on a jap bike.The build quality on the Husky is beautiful and well thought out. The Bergs are interesting and capable, but the "homemade looking" comment is accurate. Greg_matty is a TT guy who traded his Berg for a TE250. PM him how he feels about his decsion.

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