Stalling ALL THE TME

Just got my new "05" I am off a 2stroke but I am satlling it ALL the time. WHat is it with a 4stroke roll the throttle on cause I gun it and PIFF it stalls what gives? Is the idle set to low? don't seem like it is when it's juts sitting there. Also problem number 2 back fire I live in NE first race is this weekend as we still have a little snow on the ground I'm sure the temp witll be in the 40's is the jetting off? Any help love the bike just can't figure why it's staling soooooo much is it "IT" or is it "ME" :naughty:

Turn the idle up. It should be set at 1700rpm.

Sounds a little lean too. Adjust your fuel screw a little richer.

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