Howdy everybody

Hi everybody, just joined and wanted to say what a great site this is. I have been away from dirtbikes for about eight years but recently bought an 05 450r and 05 250r for my son. :naughty:

So here's my first question. We have about twelve hrs on them and I did a valve check. I'm all checked out on how to do this and was able to purchase shims from a local dealer but they didn't have the smaller ones for the 250. What is the best place to order these shims from in the future?? One dealer charged me $4.00 each for my shims, but the other dealer(a notorious ripoff artist) charged me $8.00 each and had to order them. Whats my best bet here folks?

Sorry guys, I found it in the last search. Apparently Hot Cams kit is the way to go.

Welcome anyway comrade there is tons of info here!

Nice to see ya :naughty: I started to get back into it too and am having a great time on this forum. Nice people and loads of info. Happy riding. :naughty:

Welcome hamr. No worries, you're way ahead of most newbies, already finding answers to your questions. :naughty:

You're going to like it here at TT !! :naughty:

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