Brake fluid leaking at rear brake switch??? help

Got the bike out today to do a few road miles (2001 DRZ400E), noticed the rear brake resevior was low. Refilled it and checked it, found brake fluid comes out the brake switch when the pedal is pressed. It seeps out between the red switch and brass bolt. Is this a master cyl seal or do a need a new switch?? :naughty: Also, where is the best place to buy Factory replacement parts online? Does TT sell them?? TIA, appreciate any help :naughty:

You need a new switch. There is a rubber diaphragm inside that is leaking. The contacts are bad too or soon will be. This is the reason I do not use a hydraulic switch. $50 a year in switches.

Or you can get a CRF450 master cylinder from ebay for around $50.

That's a fix for leaky reservoir. Still need a brake light switch.

Thanks guys, thats what I figured it was, wanted to make sure before I bought the parts.

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