Used '01 YZ426 - checklist?

Looking for some tips on what I should go through as a checklist on an '01 YZ426 I bought. Aside from the obvious things to look for like leaking fork seals, seepage at the radiator/water pump connections, fork/shock action, spokes/rims, etc., what are some other things to look for that could point to existing or potential problems? I'm not mechanically inclined to the point where I'm comfortable tearing into the engine, but I can turn a wrench and do some of the simpler stuff.

I already have the JD jet kit in mind, since I'm likely to do most of my riding around 5-10k feet here in CO. Maybe an air filter and the PowerCore IV pipe that I had on my WR. Probably need stiffer front/rear springs from stock, since my geared-up weight is around 220.


Check for hairline cracks in the frame, especially the part that holds the oil. Check for welding on the frame or anywhere on the bike. Make sure the timing chain is self adjusting properly (not knocking against the engine, you will be able to tell). Make sure the tires/wheels aren't bent. Check for a little square sticker near the oil dipstick to see if it was raced professionally. Check for leaky forks. Am I speaking from experience? Yes!! Bought a used 01YZ250F because I was a newbie and it looked good. Had all of these problems plus some. Got an 02YZ426 now that is perfect.

Thanks. The guy said he had it gone over by a mechanic last year and the only real issue was a slightly tweaked subframe (common, from what I understand), but otherwise no problems.

What does the square sticker near the dipstick have to do with racing?

What indicates timing chain issues, aside from normal engine chatter?

I didn't know at the time either. Apparently it means it was in a some type of pro race according to the local shop. As far as the timing chain on mine you could feel it (through your boot) rubbing on the engine casing as well hear a faint knocking sound that would go away sometimes. Off course it didn't make these sounds until I had purchased it.

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