Anyone know this tail light?

I've tried PMing this member but no response... He said in the thread that it's a new Acerbis model but I'm having no luck finding it. Anyone have any ideas? I'm trying to see how much $$$ I can pick one up for!!!



Looks homemade to me. I notice he has what I guess are turn signals on the inside of his side number plates too? Was that posted on April 1st?

It looks like the Acerbis LED style I have, but with the licence plate cut off.

Dodger :naughty:

LOL, yeah, it's not a April fools thread... It's an older one!!! He's actually got a license plate mounted up in there also!!! I'm not really caring about the st. legal needs but to legally ride in the dirt after dark I need the tail light and since I'm doing it, might as well do the brake setup also... I'll check into the BD tail light. Depends on the cost...


Here's the link to the BD tail light section...

Think that 2nd one down could be trimmed to be stealthy like the one in the photo above? I'm trying to keep the "moto" look on my "desert" bike... At least in the rear!!! I think the desert tank, stabilizer, and 8" light I'm ordering next week will kill the "look" up front but at least the rear will still look "moto"!!! This is on a CRF450...

yes, it can be trimmed no problem. I think the ABS the use on the BD looks cheep anyway.

yes, it can be trimmed no problem. I think the ABS the use on the BD looks cheep anyway.

LOL, that's scary if you've ever noticed BD's prices!!! Cheap looking should not be associated with their cost!!! I'm leaning towards that Acerbis setup you've got in your photos...


Yeah, that's the acerbis with the plate holder part cut off. I second the not very bright part. Next time it will be a Baja Designs one for me as well. My buddy just got one and they are much brighter and look great.

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