YZ426: Beast Master Edition...

I just bought a '00 426 a couple of weeks ago. :naughty: It is the bike of my dreams! It had super low hours on it, and I got a sweet deal to boot. I have dubbed it "The Attitude Adjuster". It rips like no other, and it sounds angry as hell! My friends refuse to ride behind me because of the rocks/mud/dust it kicks up (Not like they can hang and keep up with me now anyway). These forums have been great too, theres sooo much good info on the 426 here. I've been reading up on everything for a while, and decided it was time to post today.

Before the YZ I've been riding a '03 GasGas EC200 two stroke. It was my first bike, and I didn't really know what I was doing when I bought it last March. Not a bad bike, good to learn on, easy to maintain, but not the right bike for me now. I had a chance to ride a friend's '01 426 last summer and it left me starving for more of the same ever since :D .

So far the bike has been AMAZING. It kicks on the first or second kick every time so I can't see the need for the cam mod. I don't even need the hot start, or choke when warmed or hot. I did put a CR8EK plug in. The power is incredible, one quick wack on the throttle and the front tire is up like nothin! The top end power is like instant white knuckles :naughty: So far I've had it on the track and trails, and getting it airborn is very nice. Its been jetted perfectly from what I can tell, the valve spacing was checked and is good. Going to do my first oil change on it this weekend.

Anyway, glad to be here, just wanted to say hi and tell everyone about my bike. I'll try and get some pictures of it soon. Oh yeah and if anyone is interested in an '03 GasGas it is very for sale now :D

Welcome to the fold. :naughty:

The 00 is a great bike, you'll love it more every time you ride. Welcome to the club!

I share your love, Yamahoss. :naughty:

I have an '01 426. Best bike I have ever owned by far. :naughty:

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