OT: Will Travis ever be consistent?

I can't believe this kid. I love watching him, one of my favorites. He is an excellent rider with a ton of natural ability. But what the heck is his problem? Sometimes it's not even his fault, but he always seems to find himself on the ground. I would love to see him ride a whole season, I was looking forward to this year. But he just can't seem to keep it together. Just thought I'd see what everyone else thought. I didn't expect to see him riding last weekend, but unfortunately, it didn't last long.

What do you mean, you can set your watch by him getting hurt. Most consistant rider ever!!!!

What do you mean, you can set your watch by him getting hurt. Most consistant rider ever!!!!

I was genuinely surprised when he made his heat race, then blown away by him making it all the way through his semi...

He's a super nice kid..but man, he should just go race rally cars or something...

He'll never be a successful racer now. Its over, has been since he dropped out at Millville in 01. Hopefully everbody else figures that out in the next few years. He needs to go back to making idiot vides and stuff, and leave the gate spot open to somebody who wants it.

What??????? Travis has rode plenty of entire seasons- RIGHT ON THE COUCH!!

i think he should drop down to 125s and do a season or two..

i think he needs to buff up - the dude is 160 and 6 foot 2 - thats real lanky. if he went up to 180 or 190, it would be more weight to haul, but he would resist the crashes more.

Real talent there though that is hard to ignore


yeah, be nice to see him finish a whole night of racing, that may be doable. talking about him doing a whole season is just crazy, haha. some sources were reporting that he had the 3rd fastest lap in dallas during practice....

I like the kid to and love to watch him ride but I'm sick of being disappointed with him wrecking all the time. I'm wonder how much longer Suzuki will take it?

He doesn't even ride for factory Suzuki, he just gets the parts

Yeah, I hope he is saving his money (I know he has tons of toys), because his sponsors may not stay around forever.

Unfortunately, things just don't work out for some people and that seems to be the case for Travis. Of course, sometimes we make our own luck as he did when he went to England to race a beach race during last summer and got his wrist dislocated/broken.

You gotta' ask yourself, why was he there (the answer being he was offered a rally car test ride if he showed up)? Was Carmichael, Reed, Steward or Windham? NO. Why not? Because they are focussed and Pastrana isn't.

I like Travis too but, until he's willing to do more than talk about how his total focus is on racing and actually be that dedicated, his "luck" isn't going to change.

I was at dallas and travis was really fast in practice and looks comfortable. I didn't think he was riding on the edge or anything like that and he looked close to as fast as bubba. I think travis problem has always been not letting his body heal properly.

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