Oil Line Screen

Isn't there a built in screen in one of the oil lines? I can't seem to find the post I remember hearing about it. A pic would be nice.

I've never checked mine. Is it critical? Should I do it today?


just a shot in the dark, as I have yet to confirm, but I believe it's under the oil filter? Looks kinda like a thermometer :naughty:


Edit: Guess I was wrong. Time to dig out the manual and figure out what I was talking about. :naughty:


It is in the larger hole at the bottom of the frame.


Nice pics... I haven't filled my bike with oil since I drained it yesterday, so this should be easy check.



12Many... Thanks for the pics... I'll check mine at the five hour service oil change when my break-in is complete. Very helpful info!

I checked mine last week when I changed my oil, and there was a fine silty looking substance on it. I just cleaned it up with some carb cleaner and put it back in place.

Piece of Cake!!!!!

and also, "peace of mind" :naughty:

Yeap, last night checked it. Yeap, there was some crap (like little gritty pieces). Yeap, cleaned it.

Thank you for the info :naughty:

Thanks for asking the question for those who didn't know!


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