Honda NX 250?

Anyone have any advice on them? I just picked up an '88, and am trying to get it back on the road. It's been sitting for a couple of years. So far I've washed the dust off, pulled the plastic, drained the tank/carb, and filled the carb with seafoam.

I've got a carb rebuild kit on the way, and will get a new battery tomorrow.

I'm hoping it'll start fairly easily. Right now I'm working in stages. Once I get it running decent, then I'll replace most of the worn bits. After that I *might* worry about the cosmetics.

Any ideas for good tires? The rear hoop is a 16", and the front is a 19". Not much of a selection - the only DOT rated stuff seems to be trailwings...



(as the bike is similar to the XR, I posted in that forum, too)

Very nice scoot. I had a white/ivory model and perfect around town bike with enough zip for occasional freeway. It was wife bike but I rode it like poor mans super motard before super moto took over. Semi-rare and will actually go up in value over time. Not worth hopping up and insurance is way low. Good luck.

I have one and love it, I keep it in Vegas to use for prerunning the Best in The Desert races. Only thing I did was add heavy weight fork oil and install a Works Performance shock which make it handle way better! I run Kenda Knobbies and they do great on and offroad.

Here are some pics from a trip to Pikes Peak and Moab.





I have one and love it, I keep it in Vegas to use for prerunning the Best in The Desert races.


Beautiful bike. Post more pics. :naughty: Man I wish I had bought one of those when they were on the market. :D

Are you running the original 16" rear wheel? :naughty:

Thanks, ya I'm running the stock wheels.

Thats about all the pics I have, I'll take more this weekend on my trip to Death Valley.




I remember the NX's came out around the time of StreetHawk. Even though the StreetHawk bike was stupid looking, I thought Honda did a nice job making their own version. I think they would have been wise to keep the XL line and the NX line. Wish they still made them. More power, rear discs, maybe an aluminum frame. They just didn't take the concept far enough. Seems like KTM took over that area.

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