05 crf450 need help on JD Jetting.

I have an 05 CRF450 which I had a full DR. D pipe. I ran the Blue needle with great results. Since I have smashed my pipe and I am back to a Stock bike with only the filter screen removed. My bike is telling me I need to re-jet but I'm not sure what to run. I am in Arizona 1,000 - 2,000 feet and the temps are getting hot 90+. Should I run Red Needle? Which Main Jet?

Thanks for the help.

well i can't run the blue needle anymore now because it is getting hot,----i am using the red in the 3rd or 4th and a 172 175 main,

now i am using f&l sp1 fuel also ,---but even on pump you will be close to this ,---4th clip for pump .

That seems a bit rich but I will try the 175mj in 4th pos. Thanks for the help. Is your bike stock?

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