Help with my Rmz Suspension

I got my rmz in octoberish. I came off a quad so i dont know much about the whole suspension stuff. btw Im 215lbs. i turned my compression down in the front becuase i couldnt get it to stay in the ruts and that helped a bunch. But i had a guy mesaure my sag and its at 120! i guess i need to send my shock off and get a heavier spring on it? And in the forks too? and help is apprecitated.

First of all the stock springs on a RMZ is set up for a 160lbs. rider,start with heavier springs,slide the fork tubes up in the triple clamps to make the bike stick in the turns,or if it's sticking to much in the turns slide them down.

stiffer springs or..maybe a 450 ?:naughty:

i really dont think i can handle a 450 right now but in a year or so thats what ill be gettin. thanks though im sending it to proaction.

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