HELP! KLR600 wont start

My '87 600 takes a lot of turning over to start it and grabbing the throttle when it fies gets it going. It immediatelly settles down to tickover, revs and drives ok. Stop the engine then try to start it again it just winds over and won't start.

The only thing I can find wrong is the little plastic 'nut' that the choke cable passes thru that is screwed into the carb is broken. It has tape wrapped around it.

Could this be bleeding air into the inlet and making it impossible to start??

Supermoto Steve

Have you ever had the valves checked for clearance? If you have no clearance between the valve and the cam shaft, they may not be closing completly. This would lower compression, making it hard to start, with the condition worsening when hot, and if this condition is not corrected in time, it will also burn a valve.

Rick :naughty:

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