Thanks TT - Exhaust Cam Success

I just bought an 02 YZ250F and instead of fighting the bike and "The Drill" I quickly purchased the 03 Exhaust cam. An easy decision after reading TT's many members boast about its results. WOW

I can not believe how accurate and easy the directions were that I downloaded from ThumperFAQ. I want to thank everyone who is part of the Thumper FAQ information. The mod comes just in time for the Loretta's ride this weekend.

Now I plan onusing the "New Drill" per YZ250F_Rider

1. Jump on and kick it

2. Laugh your ass off riding away as the 01/02 riders are still looking for TDC.

Thanks again

New Member - First post

Congrats...I just did mine as well about 3 weeks ago. The Thumperfaq write up on the swap was freakin awesome...made it totally dummy proof. What a nice feeling to be able to kick the bike right over instead of wearing yourself out and looking like a dumbass looking for TDC.

Another benefit of the cam is now you can bump start it easily if you stall it while braking into a corner too hard. It will take you a couple of times to get it down but after that you will no longer be afraid to hammer the rear brake. If it stalls on you as you are rolling into the corner shift down a gear it should fire right up and be idleing so to speak as you enter the corner.

And that new drill is awesome feeling :naughty:

ditto on the kuddos. I put mine in over the winter, and have been riding it since the snow melted. TT and the FAQs rock. :naughty:

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