Cool pics!! Must be nice to have your own land!!

Wow, some aggresive riding there my friend :D

Thanks for sharing :naughty:

Is this a WALL OF DEATH style ride :naughty:

Looks like fun. Great pics :naughty:

Nice pictures, looks like a sweet set up you have there. How many acres do you have to play on.


Niiiice! Is that on ur backyard or something?

Have a nice day!

OMG! Those pics are sweet. Yet another rider I can live through. I wish I had land and a track for me and my son to ride on. One day.....


great pics!

now that's riding if i've ever seen it!!!

Wow!!! More pics!! and some video!! :naughty:

Yeah a good old helmet cam would do the trick.....

Looks freaking Good. Damn good.

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