Burned, Does this looks right?!


Some time ago I asked about my TDC plug replacement (mine fell out and I lost 200ml of oil) I asked if I need to order the washer with the new plug. But somehow it doesnt seem right to me.



I dont recall seeing any washers there not to say such a fat one.

Is it just a crush washer and it will become flat once tighten?

Looks like a crush washer. It is probably correct. I will look at mine later...but I won't get home until late tonight to look.

Yes you need the washer, and yes that is what it looks like before the first installation.

just tighten it down

i remembered mine has a crush washer with it.

Dang, even your carb got soaked in oil :naughty:

Thanks guys. Will do. I was thinking the same thing just wanted to make sure and not scrue up my bike again (like I did with the valves)

Yeah my carb is soaked in oil so was my whole left leg. Same goes for the gas tank,left rad and preety much the whole left side.....at least its not gonna rust right :D =P

I also ordered an oil drain bolt. Mine lost it's magnet and I wanted to replace it with a new one. well I got the plyg but it is shorter then mine and there is not magnet on it. :naughty: Also the stock one (the one I got at least) is shinny kinda of a silver/gold colour. The new one I got is black. Whats with that?? Where can i get a bolt with a magnet on it?? :naughty:

So ....what about the magnet bolt? Where can I get one?

I would not worry about adding one. I would be more concerned abou the one you lost floating around in your engine...sticking to god knows what or possibly blocking an oil passage.

No worry. The magnet is not in the engine. It was attached to the bolt but I was able to detach it using my fingers only so I left it off for the reason u mentioned above. So it wont float in my engine.

I do however want a magnet there it is a usefull thing to have. :naughty:

Did you lose the magnet? or did the magnet lose its ability to to stick to metal? Two totally different issues.

Ok....this is what happened. I darined my oil. Took the oil drain bolt into one hand and with the other grabed the magnet that was still attached to its original place on the bolt. I pulled the magnet and seperated the 2 with no force whats so ever. Nothing was holding it to the bolt exept its magnetic powers. :naughty:

Leave the magnet off and put the plug back in. Either that or you can glue it back on. You'll need to brake clean the hell out of it so the glue will hold...and you will want a glue that will hold up to be immersed in oil.

How high can the temperatures get in this are, where the oil bolt is located.

Im thinking epoxy the magnet back into the bolt. But will is survive the temp? :naughty:

I would not worry so much about the oil temp...it is probably only about 200 degrees. I'd be concerned about the compatibility of the glue with oil. Will the oil cause the glue to break down and release?

Forget the magnet...just put the bolt back in.

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