What are everbodies strategies for climbing steep hills :naughty:

wide freakin' open; thats the only way or no way lol, just watch for ruts, though on hillclimbs they dont matter because they kick you forward instead of back,if they dont work and you lose forward progress get it on its side and try to get it stopped on a root, then slowly get on and try to freewheel down using front brake ONLY the rear will only lock up and you will repeat the process.

Set the bike up correctly, learn body position, throttle & clutch control. After that it's up to your skills, so if your having trouble talk to the guys that are climbing the hills your having problems with + keep on trying!!, you'll get it down, :naughty:

Charge hard to the bottom of the hill, momentum is key.

Watch other people that make the hill and try to mimick what they do

don't start out with too steep of a hill, it is best to work your way up

Good Luck :naughty:

You want to make sure that the handle bars are NOT pulling you up the hill. Your body should be PUSHED up the hill by the lowest point possible on the more difficult climbs.. That would be your foot pegs!

You start by trying to balance your weight AND the forces of acceleration so that all of the combined affect is through your foot pegs. Theoretically, if you do it correctly, you should be able to let go of the bars and still shoot up the hill.

Next, you want to control your weight over the rear tire. If there is any slip, you will need to bring some more of your weight and even the front wheel weight back over the rear tire.. You can do this by using the handle bars, but be careful, if your legs are not doing their job, you could then have the handle bars pulling you up the hill and that can spell LOOP.. Over backwards! Learning how to use the bars for traction and NOT for keeping you attached to the bike is VERY important!! Many of us NEVER learn it!

People keep saying "lean forward" or "lean back", but it's only a relative term.. You center your weight and the forces of inertia through your foot pegs. It may seem like you are leaning forward or back, but that thinkinig can mess you up. Once you understand this, then you can start using the handle bars to shift more weight to the rear tire.. Rarely will you ever press on the bars on a hill climb... That would reduce your rear tire traction!! :naughty:

Maximum hill-climbing traction would be when your front tire is skimming the dirt or less than 2 inches above the ground so that all of your weight and ALL of the bike's weight is on the rear tire or just slightly ahead of the rear tire's ground contact patch. And from here, if you need a little more weight for traction, you can get it for a split second by jumping on the pegs, but you pay for it on the rebound of the suspension with less weight on the tire for another split second.

Be aware of the forces in your hands IN ALL OF YOUR RIDING and try to depend upon your hands less and less for keeping you attached to the bike. Try to imagine riding with no hands and without gripping the bike between your legs.... It's possible and it's possible to do it while braking, accelerating and turning... You may never be able to do it, but strive for that feeling.. It's one of the secrets that will set you free!! :naughty:

hey bud, i climb some really big hills and it's not rocket science like everyone is making it sound like. Just start going up and lean a little forward and stand up on the pegs a little to just get your butt off the seat. Take it in first or second, normally second and if it starts to bog, pull the clutch in a little to give you some rpms and keep you going...there is no need to shift. Just feathering that clutch really helps. if you hit some soft areas give it gas and plow up through it. If you can't make it ...turn to the right and stop. that way you can kick your bike over if it stalls easier unless you kicker is on the left...GOOD LUCK!!!

Depends on the situation....

In the woods where momentum can be harder to come by I would recommend looking ahead(at the top of the hill) and sitting roughly centered in the attack position-I like to have my butt barely touching the seat(feet always on the pegs). Some people say to sit far forward; I respectfully disagree. Get as much weight as you can over the rear wheel, if the front end tries to come up then simply stand up--with respect to gravity not the hill(on a steep hill this means your head will be moving parallel to the seat not perpendicular to it). If you do it correctly it should feel like you're riding the rear wheel up the hill--and you should be. Try to watch trials riders if you can, they're the best in the world--short of having 200hp.

I think the desert is a simpler method: 4TH GEAR PINNED!


Have fun and look ahead.


Have fun and look ahead.

Went to a motorcycle safety course tonight and the instructor said this a billion times :naughty:

Went to a motorcycle safety course tonight and the instructor said this a billion times :naughty:

:D:D:D:naughty: Good for him!! Cause there's a good reason for looking far enough ahead and NOT at what you want to avoid.

Speed, speed, speed.

I always say that it's a lot easier to slow down than to speed up when climbing hills. Don't forget to fall on the uphill side rather that downhill - much easier to restart, especially when you're a little light in the pants.

I was checking out a website today that had some awesome hillclimb videos - I'll try to find it and send you a link

Found it - after a LONG search. Awesome video if you haven't seen it already. It always helps when you've got power to spare with a big KTM thumper like most of the guys in the video.

Nice that you found it...............HOW ABOUT SHARING IT WITH THE REST OF US! :naughty:

Whooops. Guess I was too tired to try something complicated like that.

I couldn't find the original link, but I think this will work. The file is Erzberg04-orf-teaser


Thanks for the link man. Ignore the caps. Just joshin'.........

I think most people are unneccessarily complicating things.

1. Lean a little foward.

2. Gas the fugg out of it, give it all it's got and go for it.

Thanks for that link. :naughty:

My uncle taught me one thing when it comes to riding off road. "Balls to the wall!". Either plan on going big, or go home. =).

this is what i do, find 1st or second gear, then get way up in the rpm range, lean over the number plate and blast up the hill, if you dont get any traction slowly position your body backwards a little at a time. if the wheel lifts up go forward and roll off the gas a little. I wouldnt reccomend feathering the clutch as you mught end up doing a whoopty whirl

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